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Our Story

   Passion and Dedication   

The Soda Company is a Thai importer of fine wines, currently from South Africa and Chile, with a view of increasing the range of wines to include more new and old world wines, with a keen eye on organic products.

We focus on wines that are not commonly imported already, finding new product and markets for them so we can be instrumental in growing their brand awareness and sales in Thailand.

Soda Co. is the import vehicle whilst sales are conduced using the “All about Wine” brand.

Since starting the journey, our company committed to offer on the Thai market quality wines for affordable prices. Our search and testing is done with absolute dedication to ensure that we listen to the market demands and tastes.

Since there is no such thing as "one size fits all", the same applies to wines: there is no such thing as "one taste fits all". Our ever increasing offer addresses to all consumer segments regardless of their taste. We make sure customers are satisfied and chose us all over again for all types of occasions (private & corporate).

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